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TOP 8 Sailing Destinations To Visit This Fall

TOP 8 Sailing Destinations To Visit This Fall
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If you’re looking for a late summer or fall vacation away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, then sailing away to a new holiday destination is the perfect idea. 

Exotic destinations are made up of sun kissed waters, sandy white beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, and idyllic landscapes. Relaxation and fun are the order of the day.

Boating enthusiasts all agree on one point—nothing is as enjoyable as a vacation made up of sailing, diving, snorkeling and a variety of other water sports. If that’s you, now is the time to visit companies like fareastsails.com and make sure that your vessel is ready to begin your sailing adventure!

Let’s have a look at a few popular destinations that you could consider once you’re ready to go…

Mykonos, Greece

When you picture Mykonos, you undoubtedly think of the characteristic blue and white houses along the Greek mountainside. Commonly called the “Island of the Winds”, it’s a utopia of water sports. Windsurfers, divers and sailing enthusiasts flock to Mykonos for its waters but also to experience the local culture. 

Corsica, France

Tourists love Corsica because of its warm, temperate climate. Situated along the French Mediterranean, Corsica also features a variety of Michelin starred restaurants. Sites to see include historic forts and castles and the splendid citadel. Offering diving and snorkeling locations among other aquatic sports, this luxurious sailing destination is quite popular. 

Balearic Islands, Spain

Many of the world’s major cave and wreck dives are situated in the Balearic Islands. Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and the amazing Ibiza nightlife make these islands the epitome of luxury. 

The Seychelles Archipelago

Idyllic landscapes, unspoiled white sands, crystal clear waters and luxury waterfront resorts have earned the Seychelles the moniker of  “paradise on earth.” Situated a mere four degrees from the equator, these 115 islands are every sailor’s dream adventure.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Rated by boating enthusiasts as one of the most exotic sailing destinations in the world, the Bay of Islands is well known for the clear turquoise colored waters. The islands are also a safe haven for yachts in the tropics during cyclone season.

Whitsundays, Australia

Situated in Australia, this series of islands belongs to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Sailing here allows you the opportunity to see exquisite coral gardens and sea turtles among other sea creatures.  

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Popularly known as the best holiday destination in the Caribbean, Virgin Gorda boasts a huge wharf, protected parks and saltwater pools. Another popular tourist attraction, The Baths, where large boulders form enigmatic caves is also in the area. There are many areas to swim and snorkel as well.

Key West, Florida 

Some of the best sailing opportunities exist along the Florida Keys. The Conch Harbor Marina accommodates vessels of up to 195 feet, making it a firm favorite for serious sailors.

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