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These 5 Living Room Looks on Instagram Have Us So Excited for Fall

These 5 Living Room Looks on Instagram Have Us So Excited for Fall
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It’s hard to believe another fall season is already here. But with school in session almost everywhere and pumpkins emerging on doorsteps, it’s safe to say that summer is officially over. And as you look ahead to more time spent indoors this autumn, you might be wondering how to make your interiors cozier.

Of course, you can always count on us to provide a few ideas. And we found some that will make you truly excited to usher in the new season.

1. White coffee table

All-white everything might be out, but stand-alone white furniture like this coffee table from @the.beautyrevival is oh so in.

“A white coffee table adds a crisp contrast element to your home this time of year,” says Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design. “This is such a great way to make the elements on the table really pop, especially now that we’re quickly entering the holiday season. Decorating your white table with orange pumpkins, greenery, or just floral arrangements will really change the personality of the room in a hot minute.”

2. Candlelit fireplace

We all love the look of a lit fireplace, but for various reasons, having a roaring fire in your home this season might not be feasible. This is why this candlelit fireplace from @tatiana_home_decor is the perfect solution.

“Let’s add some ambiance without having to buy wood or clean up ash,” says Harrison-McAllister. “The time change creates that mood of a fireplace glowing while watching our favorite Netflix show. These candlelit fireplaces save the day by adding the ambiance without the maintenance.”

3. Rustic chandelier

When it comes to decor, fall is the perfect time to upgrade your rustic farmhouse vibes—and this chandelier from @simplysoutherncottage can help you get there.

“Rustic chandeliers give your living room that country, rural vibe that’s been popular for years,” says Larry Greene, president of Case Design/Remodeling Indianapolis. “These light fixtures come in a variety of looks and pair well with antique wood-finished furniture.”

4. Modern art arrangements

Do the somber fall colors get you down? Then you might just want to get in on these trending modern-art wall displays as featured by @pernilleloof.

“Whether you want to feature a few pieces or many, modern art arrangements will always be a fun way to add personality to your living room decor,” says Greene. “Big, bright, and colorful art arrangements are also a great way to offset any neutral color palettes.”

5. Branch lamps

Bringing nature indoors is a style that’s been going strong this year, and these pastoral branch lamps from @breizh.home are no exception.

“That corner in your living room needs something, but maybe you can’t decide whether it’s a sculpture or a floor lamp,” says Harrison-McAllister. “Choose both with an organic base element and attached light fixture like this one—which will surely be a statement piece for any room and the envy of your family and friends.”

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