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Miami is the No. 3 Foodie City in America

Miami is the No. 3 Foodie City in America
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Hold your heads high, food lovers of Miami. We are still one of the best food cities in the country, even if we’re not a particularly affordable one.

Or so says WalletHub. In its 2019 report, the personal finance website writes that Miami is the no. 3 foodie city in America. Though we shudder a little bit at that word “foodie” – honestly, stop referring to yourself that way! just stop it! – we are glad to see we’re in the top 10. If you ever need proof we’re obsessed with food, try to get tickets to any event at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. You’ll see.

Miami was no. 3 in 2018, too, so we haven’t lost any ground in the food-bragging rights. Good to know, because sometimes it seems the only thing opening these days are taco joints. Not that we object to taco joints. They’re one of the few things we can afford.

WalletHub examined 182 cities across 30 different metrics, including affordability and diversity of food. Anybody who has ever tried to dine out at a trendy restaurant in South Beach, Wynwood, Coral Gables or the Design District will not be surprised to learn that Miami lost points on affordability (we’re no. 123! we’re no. 123!)

But in terms of diversity, we gained a lot of points, coming in at no. 3.

Last year’s winner – Portland, Oregon – remained at no. 1 again this year, with New York vaulting over Miami to claim the no. 2 spot. Isn’t that always the way?

The rest of the top 10 food cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago and Austin, Texas. Two other Florida cities came into the top 20: Orlando (11) and Tampa (13).

The worst cities for food lovers? Juneau, Alaska and Pearl City, Hawaii.

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